Nano 90 MM

Are you looking for an easy way to mount your lamp? Are you tired of hanging the lamp in the ceiling and getting the cup that hides the connector to sit tight against the ceiling? CableCup is a Swedish invention that solves this for you. A canopy that’s easy to get seated and neat. This allows you to hang up your lights quickly and easily. At the same time it will be nice.

This smallest version is only 90 mm in diameter and fits most lights, especially for those lights where you do not need to have as much space for a cord inside the cup.

CableCup is a smart and easy canopy that allows the lamps to sit tight against the ceiling. It is very easy to install. Turn it in and out, hang it on the hook, connect the cord and turn it back to the ceiling.

Designers for Nano are: Lars Wettre and Jonas Forsman.

Click on the YouTube icon to see how to disconnect the old canopy to your new Nano CableCup.


Mounting a CableCup is quick and easy. In three simple steps, everyone can now mount ceiling lamps with a perfect result. Without tools and without jams.
How to install CableCup

Step 1: Attach the cord to the hanger and hang up on the hook.

Flexible plastic canopy that is easy to install

Step 2: Wrap the cord into the cup and twist it towards the ceiling

Step 3: Done.

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