Duo Pack Bundle Deluxe


• Save 10% with this bundle
• Consists of one CableCup Classic and one Hide
• Choose between white and black color

This product includes a CableCup and a Hide™. Perfect for you who don’t want to have the lamp at the same spot where the socket is. Use Hide™ at the socket and CableCup where you want the lamp to hang.

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CableCup Classic

Unique function provides perfect results – The world’s smartest and simplest solution for getting pendant lamps to fit tight to all ceilings!
What’s unique about the CableCup ceiling rose is that it can be turned inside out. Being able to work with a full view of cables and suspension fittings makes it easier to mount lamps. You can see what you’re doing. The soft plastic that you fold up against the ceiling adapts to the conditions and fits snugly againts the ceiling.

CableCup Hide

The CableCup Hide™ is a plate cover that you mount in the ceiling to hide the socket, cords or wires. Hide™ has the same patented feature as the ceiling rose. You turn it inside out and then flip it up towards the ceiling.
A great feature is that you can attach it in two ways. Hang it on the hook if you have a hook, or just bring the flap around the cord and through one of the holes to lock. See images below for instructions.


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